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Welcome in Valais


Marie-Thérèse Chappaz with her mother Renée Chappaz and Claudia Chappaz


Wine Order


At the Domain: we manage orders from individuals and professionals directly at the estate for collection from the cellar or shipment to Switzerland.

In Switzerland: wine merchants, wine shops, restaurants and quality houses specializing in wines offer a more or less extensive selection of our different vintages for sale.

Abroad: quality houses selected by country also offer the estate's wines for sale (France, Japan, Usa, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Singapore, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Netherlands, etc.).

We are at your disposal to communicate the contacts of our partners abroad.


Regarding the orders placed at the domain, these can be placed either:


by phone at +41 (0)27 746 3537

by email to admin@chappaz.ch

. by mail to the address:


Cave Marie Thérèse Chappaz

Chemin de Liaudise 39

1926 Fully


In both cases, we invite you to refer to the order card received by you if you are already a customer of the domain or the one available in the “Bouteiller”*, taking care to indicate:


. the number of bottles desired per vintage depending on availability

. your full contact details

. if you wish to collect your order from the Domain (please give us an approximate pick-up date) or if it has to be sent to you via our carrier specializing in wine, with shipping costs, on Swiss territory (thank you for specifying a desired delivery date).


Please note that, in both cases, our storage capacities being very limited and the number of orders generally very large, the final validation of your orders is made on the date of withdrawal from the cellar or delivery depending on stocks and vintages available on this date.


*   Fun fact – during the Middle Ages, ‘bouteiller’ was the title of the officer in charge of procuring wine for a royal court. He sometimes also had the role of cupbearer and would be called upon to serve the king during important occasions

Visit and Schedule 2022


Depending on our availability, it is possible to come and meet us at the Domain by appointment.

The direct sale of wines at the Domain is also possible, depending on the vintages available to date.

In order to avoid any unexpected absence, we ask you to kindly announce your visit either:


. by phone at +41 (0)27 746 3537

. by email to admin@chappaz.ch


Please note, however, that:


from September 1 to November 15 inclusive


Due to the harvest and winemaking period, Marie-Thérèse unfortunately does not receive friends, groups, winegrowers or oenologists.

During this crucial period which begins with the control of the optimal maturity of the grapes to give the first cuts and continues with the vinification (pressing, devatting, placing in barrels), Marie-Thérèse gives all her attention to the vines and to the 25 wines that she personalizes during aging, in order to make them bearers of a year, a terroir, a hope.

The Domaine team is happy to provide you with information and thanks you for your understanding.


Holiday Closings


We will be closed for the holidays beginning December 21, 2023.

We will reopen for visits on Monday, January 8, 2024

In the meantime, all the members of Domain Chappaz wish you a very happy holiday and a joyous new year!