Boutique (Le Bouteiller)


If you would like to buy wine, please download the order form and send your request to us by mail or by email. We will take care to fulfil your order to the best of our abilities.

In order to satisfy the many requests, we ask you to respect the possible limits of quantities indicated on certain vintages.

Marie-Thérèse Chappaz reserves the right to reduce the volumes ordered according to the number of bottles available, depending on the vintage.

To avoid any miscommunication on either side, the quantities are listed in number of bottles.

We leave it to you to tell us if you are coming to collect your wines at the domain (indicating a date of passage) or if you prefer shipping to Switzerland, for postage.

Finally, we draw your attention to the fact that orders are not honored on the date of receipt of the order card at the estate or sent by e-mail, but on the date of withdrawal from the domain or dispatch to Switzerland, depending on your choice.


Type of Wine Name of the wine Vintage Size Price CHF
Grain Orange 2021 75 cl 42.00
Petite Arvine
Grain Arvine de Fully 2021 75 cl 52.00
Grain Ermitage Président Troillet 2021 75 cl 65.00
Grain Ermitage Président Troillet 2021 150 cl 130.00
White Blend
Assemblage Blanc sec Sylvaner, Marsanne et Petite Arvine 2021 75 cl 42.00
Au Fil des Treilles 2021 75 cl 28.00
Grain Cinq Président Troillet 2021 75 cl 52.00
Pinot Noir
Grain Pinot Les Dahrres 2021 75 cl 38.00
Grain Pinot Les Esserts 2021 75 cl 38.00
Grain Pinot Charrat 2021 75 cl 45.00
Grain Syrah 2021 75 cl 64.00
Humagne Rouge
Grain Sauvage 2021 150 cl 130.00
Red Blend
Ma Puinée 2021 50 cl 15.00
Petit Nature 2021 20 cl 9.00
Grain Mariage 2021 75 cl 45.00
Grain Noir 2021 75 cl 55.00
Grain Noir 2021 150 cl 110.00
Sweet Wines
Grain Noble Petite Arvine, Marsanne, Pinot Gris 2019 50 cl 65.00
Grain Noble Petite Arvine, Marsanne, Pinot Gris 2019 150 cl 195.00
Grain par Grain Petite Arvine 2020 37.50 cl 140.00